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From 15.- 25. February 2018, the artist group super + embarks on an expedition to Mauritius to perform the FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX in between tropical rain forests, reefsand sandy beaches.

In yet unknown scenes, they will look for a suitable place to expose their powerful, reflective phoenix to the nature.

In the ideal case, the happening should take place in bright sunshine under a blue sky  and  sandy  beach  and  be  mirroed abstractly  in  the  object.  So  far  the  idea.  What sounds like  a fine holiday trip  is  in  reality  a difficult expedient undertaking. The weather in Mauritius can be very different. Heavy tropical rain to cyclopes and weeks of constant rain. The time window of 10 days is therefore quite risky! In addition, a lot of equipment has to be moved by boat to the appropriate beach or with much manpower through the forest.

super+PHOENIX Kunstarealfest Alexa von Arnim

“The Flight of the Phoenix” (60 x 35 x 20 m) is a dynamic sculpture meant for public, open spaces and characterizing itself by its continuously changing form.

The sculpture is made of shiny  silver,  wafer- thin  satellite  foil,  which moves like  a  floating  wave through  airspace  and produces a specific thermal noise evoking memories of rushing wind and waterfalls.

The  Flight  of  the  Phoenix  reflects its  surroundings,  mirroring  the  sunbeams  and  reacting  to the  constant influence  of the  wind. Each Phoenix is  a unique object and is  created anew for every performance. Filled with helium and air, it is then actively guided by the artists for hours at  a  time.  The   title  of  the  project  can  be  interpreted  as  a  reference  to  the  antique  theme  of the phoenix, which dies or burns to a wisp at the end of its respective life cycle, only to be resurrected from its ashes or decayed corpse. Another reference can also be found in Elleston Trever ’s novel-based film “The Flight of the Phoenix” from 1965.

This performance / installation has been exhibited in various art happenings such as at the Pin Fest in the Pinakothek der Moderne 2015, as well as at the Kunstarealfest and most recently at the Nuit Blanche 2016, the Long Night of Art, right in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with a team of up to 20 people consisting of performers, musicians and fashion designers.

This time, however, it should be different.  Away from any artistic activity, a small group will make their way to Mauritius to perform the Flight of the Phoenix in an environment completely free of any art context.

Super+ The Artists

super+ is an artist collective founded in 2012 by the multimedia artist Alexander  Deubl, the painter Christian Muscheid and the designer Konstantin Landuris.

super+ works as a collective and is dedicated to collaborating with artists who can dynamically implement complex projects, while at the same time independently developing joint ideas and generating new fields of inspiration.

super+ implements various individual art projects and additionally creates space for creative people from all sectors. super+ organizes exhibitions and projects within the public sphere, is highly engaged with social projects and is dedicated to on-going further development and regeneration.

Cooperation and collaboration with diverse artists are essential to the work of super+

Special Thanks go to the Super+ artists and Simone Nickl PR

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