Mick Jagger, Cap d’Antibes 2005

Digital Fine Art © Vanessa von Zitzewitz

A nude is actually far

from being a naked body.

Vanessa von Zitzewitz

Selling carpets is really intimate.

Jürgen Dahlmanns

Their perfume is a way of communication: you smell a person subtly; you breathe the scents that give you the gift of memory. You may not see this person for years and one day you meet him again and all memories and all precious moments come back with one breath and one odour. PISSARA UMAVIJANI

A felt regard is

Something different from a watched regard.

Michael Lassel

I apply force, pressure and at the same time, tenderness. All express themselves like 200 kilotons concentrated in a pencil point and finding their balance there without breaking it. CHRISTIAN LUCIAN HAMSEA

Pieces at the same level of excellence, heritage or quality blend very spontaneously.

Eleonore Halluitte-Andrews

There is a possibility of “forged reality” in photography.

Zhang Wei

My art is about my life. I believe that there should be no borders between our everyday life and art. To the same extent, I see no borders between my work and my life. I am a farmer, an artist and a writer.

Huang Po-Chih

I am attracted to truth and I pursue that in my work.

My scepticism comes from

my attraction to truth.

Robert Zhao Renhui