About Customers4Fashion


Customers4Fashion is a communication channel promoting confidential design & art and luxury pieces to highly refined and affluent customers.


Publisher – MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management – Master of Laws – Criminal Investigation of Painting Forgery

Our cultivated and elegant selection stems from the very heart of creativity.

Our inquisitive spirit explores the worldwide creative community asking 4 questions:

Who is in for a real change?      

Who is ready to embark on higher trends?

What is the artistic universe like?  

Who has authentic secrets?


Presenting designers, artists and innovative brands in their fulfilled universe /C/, exposing authentic secrets that beat marketing /4/ and revealing the artist’s real life, true calling and the “why” of her creations /F/ are features turning the Customers4Fashion on-line magazine into your personal discovery.


Beyond all definitions, it is not the short-lived and temporary that we see in Fashion. We see the regeneration and unfolding of style.

We feel fashion

Reaching out for refreshed great inspiration.

Melting with higher trends.

Transforming for exhibiting creativity.

Being aesthetic to the outside world.

Being admired by others.

Being involved with beauty.

Feeling the inspiration.

Flowing in another dimension.

Fashion is a variety of unique exquisite manners.


COPYRIGHT © 2017 Roxana Florina Popa


Appreciations from Jürgen Dahlmanns


Appreciations from Cristina Simion, Founder of the Tiny Griffon Gallery



Appreciations from Vanessa von Zitzewitz


Appreciations from the Trompe l’Oeil painter, Michael Lassel


Appreciations from Cristina Simion, Founder of Tiny Griffon Gallery


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