The excitement of connecting with the world’s most ancient mysteries. Vortexes generate worlds and multiple combinations of existence. This ring envelopes you in the Universe’s glaring robe bringing galaxies on your finger and cosmic movements before your eyes. A curious surprise gives the wearer delight and flies your heart high up in a travel among the stars.

A Designer’s Work with Inspiration – From Heritage to Contemporary

I love searching into that light spot that is the treasure chest of creative ideas linking the mind and the soul. I let the entire inspiration surround me and flow all into me. I do not censor the inspiration, do not cut around it, do not limit it to what sells. I simply let the inspiration be and dance. If I did otherwise, it would mean depriving the jewellery lover of a whole world of discovery. This even more that meanings reveal themselves at unexpected moments. As if inspiration would playfully come around and ask you “Have you seen this?” and “Do you see how these meanings can exist together and why?

The primordial pieces already contain the most complete information and meaning. I do not work with an idea only. When the piece is finished, I see a concept that has its wings stretched into newer and newer discoveries of meanings, which are always beautiful and amazing and enchant the curious soul.

Sacoşu Mare Bracelet - Primordial Treasures
Sacoşu Mare Bracelet – Primordial Treasures

The heritage piece I chose for revival is made in 22K gold and belongs to the Hallstatt era (800 – 300 BC). Nonetheless, the representation of spirals and vortexes is much older and goes deep into the Neolithic – Eneolithic cultures (5800 – 2750 BC). Mircea Eliade, Professor of History of Religion at the University of Chicago, noticed that in most primeval traditions, the spiral is the symbol generating worlds and multiple combinations of existence. This explanation created in my spirit the image of galaxies. Recent astronomy discovered that two thirds of existing galaxies have a spiral geometrical form of growth starting from a central point.

Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy
Galaxies - Vortexes - Spirals
Galaxies – Vortexes – Spirals

With my desire to innovate shapes and infuse femininity and grace, I arrived at a ring model that embellishes a person’s finger all around, for 360 degrees. U-shapes join in a heart of galaxy-swirls also on the finger’s posterior side: a curious surprise that gives the wearer the delight of secretly keeping in her palm the reason of her joyfulness and confidence!

FLORINA Copyright and Design protected

A design provoking a thought to an exciting adventure! This unforeseen effect gives the ring the silhoutte of a ship and leads the imagination to dream about travels among the stars.

The Ships of the Teleri Drawn by Swans
Courtesy of Ted Nasmith ©2003

Bringing you galaxies on your fingers – Taking you on travels among the stars

FLORINA Copyright and Design protected

Charming Encounters and Discoveries Go On

The White Ships of Valinor
Courtesy of Ted Nasmith ©2003

One morning, many months after the Galaxia prototype was ready and out of the blue, I googled white ships on my phone. A beautiful, unpredictable encounter opened before my eyes: Ted Nasmith’s illustrations “White Ships from Valinor“. Another exceptional match among the white ships’ twirls at the prow and stern, the ring’s vortexes and the antique bracelet’s aesthetic codes. Thanks to Ted Nasmith‘s peaceful and bright-blue paintings with ships sailing on a clear day and through fresh sea air, I can draw a picture on the never-ending inspiration I am working with on the Galaxia ring.

It is a far reaching inspiration that I intend for FLORINA’s customers to always be equipped with and accompanied by when they wear the Galaxia ring.

Expeditions have always been driven by fantastic destinations. Navigators perfected the nautic sciences. Ships opened ways to new worlds and many a times carried treasures and jewellery.

Jewels are a microcosmos in themselves. Every precious stone, every noble metal contains cosmic principles. Gold, for instance, is the image of the Sun. It is sufficient the contact between the person and their jewellery to activate virtues and enhance the realisation of the best dreams in their lives.

FLORINA Copyright and Design protected

Galaxia ring is a good-luck charm to well wish for a dear one’s desired life purpose to come true – a gift from a heart accompanying another heart on their life journey.

Owing to its fine shape, Galaxia is in particular dedicated to teenagers’ and young women’s delicate nature and strength at the same time.

FLORINA pays tribute to a pure, convivial, light and fertile world. The FLORINA jewellery aims to equip the wearer with inspiration for life, faith in their regeneration power and skills, and ultimately, with protection through beauty, aesthetics and life mystery.

Roxana Florina Popa

FLORINA Founder and Collection Director

In the medium term, FLORINA is a doing-good project aiming to donate a part of the profits for children: “Aesthetics, beautiful inspiration and jewellery can do much more by bringing good energy and carefree smiles.

For enquiries on price and orders, you can write Roxana at

Instagram @Florina_primordial

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