Confidential Collectors’ Guide

BEAUTY ELEGANCE CREATIVITY is first of all, a quick reference guide for international collectors of marvelous and expansive painting and photography, refined luxury products building on modern, convivial aesthetic standards, valuable material innovation and heritage treasures.

Collectors are allowed to go beyond art critics and immerse themselves with the painter, the photographer, the luxury designer, the perfumer into his or her world and into the heart of their creation.

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Some of the best international creators of fine art & design are presented in an exquisite, sparkling reunion.

Vanessa von Zitzewitz – a famous international photographer and Canon ambassador, Jürgen Dahlmanns – a constant winner of the Domotex Fair prizes with his brand Rug Star, Michael Lassel – a virtuoso of the Trompe l’Oeil technique, matured in the world of Jacques Poirier and Rubens’ painting, Christian Lucian Hamsea – painter of the poetic abstract, winner of the Danner prize and Founder of Academia Luciana , Bodo Sperlein – an exceptionally versatile Creative Director passionate to discover the modelling secrets of new materials who worked for many luxury brands, Maria Dermengiu – a scarves designer bringing bountiful femininity to the Bohemian Bourgeois trend, Tino Schaedler – a well-known creator of virtual reality for a 3D brand sensorial experience at Optimist Design, Pissara Umavijani – the talented perfumer from DUSITA,  a brand having foundations in the Siamese arts and the French perfumery, TANE Joyería – a Mexican luxury brand, probably, the only one in the world still living the silversmithing techniques, Mallett Antiques – the antiques dealer preferred by Her Majesty, Queen Mary, and the setter of the new standard of contemporary design, Calico Wallpaper – an American design company inspired by NASA moonscapes and Pomellato – the innovator of the “blue jeans” luxury jewellery.

The 12 interviews with the 12 inspiring, ingenious, wise and successful designers, brand ambassadors and artists bring the collector and the artist together into an open, consistent, enchanting conversation.

The artist takes the collector on a journey with the sole purpose to live and re-live the Act of Creation and make the experience of being fully connected to the spirit of time. The book marks the exceptionally fruitful years 2015 and 2016.

Ultimately, BEAUTY ELEGANCE CREATIVITY shares incessant revelation with all those who look at their lives as a creative, ever-building journey.

The events that displayed these artists’ creations were organised by Simone Nickl PR, the Tiny Griffon Gallery or selected by Customers4Fashion at individual launchings and at the London Design Festival.

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One thought on “Confidential Collectors’ Guide

  1. “Beauty Elegance Creativity” is for sure a singular book. It comprises interviews with very talented people presenting their creations in the big cities of the world. Their dialogues with the author are highly captivating as they tell about their passions, their work, even about their families. Ultimately, about the joy of having seen their wishes fulfilled, of course, not without overcoming obstacles. This book brings a breath of fresh air and sunshine on a cloudy day. Enchanting creations of a rare beauty are abundantly shown. The gorgeous pieces feel almost incredible. The artists are people, but their talent delights all our senses. Reading, looking at images, we recognise truly elegant objects. The author’s talent appears in the relevance of her questions, which stir even more curiosity to see, to feel the exhibited creations. Both written and visual content make it a laudable book. Above all, it has a fantastic flair. Fantastic because it takes the reader to so many places where he cannot travel for various reasons or be at the same time, and still, he can see these creations so stunning in their elegance, beauty and valuable innovation. A book with a bonus: it brings the reader before possibilities.

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