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Beauty Elegance Creativity – 12 Interviews on the Act of Creation” (2016 – 2017) is an engaging creation, itself, that gives readers a coveted behind-the-scenes peek into the work, lives, and psyche of highly-successful, highly-individual artists. Fiercely independent, each has either pushed forward his / her genre or created a new genre.

The book also pushes its own genre forward, beyond Phaidon’s “Contemporary Artists in Conversation” (2005), ART Monthly’s “Talking Art: Interviews with Artists since 1976” (2012), TATE Publishing’s “Face to Face Interviews with Artists” (2015), and Thame’s & Hudson’s “The Artists Who Will Change the World” (2018).

It reveals a collection of artists – as well as the artists’ collections, rooted in individuality, diversity, excellence, and vitality / revival of both each artist’s life and cultural heritage.

The common thread that unites the artists in this book appears to be their difference — their breakthrough, out-of-style natures, dedication to their own ideas and creative perspectives, success on their own terms, original creative elements, exploration on the creativity playground, and ultimately, perfection of craftsmanship.

It calls to question whether we can now enter a new era post-genre, post-categorization.

The book gives voice to the artists themselves and weaves a story about creativity today around the globe. It offers an honest mirror of the world’s artistic landscape, rooted in 10 cities from London to Paris to Los Angeles and beyond. Indeed, each artist found inspiration in their place, suggesting that we have roots and wings, if only we will use both.

Readers will enjoy breaking through the boundaries of particular creative fields, bathing in the richness of creative diversity, and tapping into well-regarded art-design-fashion with interlaced narrative and photo.

Interview as an art form is subliminally presented, as an act that uncovers insights and preserves the act of creation in the form of a book, presented as a beautiful object, thanks to its richness of photos and colourful cover.

Learning more about all these creative individuals helps us all pursue our creative journey as more-courageous creators.

Three cheers to a creative author on creativity from a creative and thankful reader!

Dr. CJ Meadows, Head of Innovation at a Global Business School,

Entrepreneur, and Serial Photography-Book Author

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